Organic Matcha Tea

Leigh Leaf's organic matcha powder is made using the traditional practices of farmers and tea producers in Japan. The matcha is carefully harvested after cultivation and then processed delicately at every step in order to produce the best Japanese matcha tea possible. The organic tea leaves are grown in Japan's Kagoshima region, famous for its matcha tea. 

You can purchase our entire product portfolio online. Our organic matcha is our signature tea, with high-quality flavor, texture, and a bright green hue. It also has an organic designation that is internationally certified. Our matcha tea is made of pure Japanese tea leaves that are powdered without sweeteners or fillers. 

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a famous Japanese tea that is now readily available in coffee shops and health stores as lattes, tea, shots and desserts. Like green tea, organic matcha powder comes from the Camellia sinensis plant. However, it is grown differently and also contains a unique nutrient profile.

Farmers usually keep the plants that grow matcha in the shade. The plant produces more chlorophyll, which boosts its amino acid content, giving it a darker green hue. 

After the leaves are harvested, the tea producers remove the veins and stems of the leaves and grind them into fine organic matcha powder. This final product is known as matcha. 

Why Is Organic Matcha Tea Better?

If you are to compare non-organic and organic matcha green tea powder, you will surely side with the latter. When organic matcha is made, the tea plants grow without unnatural chemicals or pesticides that hinder their chemical structure. In addition, organic matcha has a better, deeper, earthier taste. There is nothing artificial about it. The organic tea tastes like the one you would get many years ago. It is also easier to drink and has a more natural, strong, and earthy smell. Matcha organic tea's aroma will transport you to the tea fields. Its non-organic counterpart, which has an artificial component and has a different smell for different people, cannot replicate the earthiness of the scent and flavor. 

Try Leigh Leaf Organic Matcha Powder

Leigh Leaf organic matcha powder is the best available Japanese tea. It costs only $34.99 for a 30-gram pack, which is excellent value for money. If you subscribe to get the tea delivered to your doorstep every month, it is much cheaper and comes in at $29.74. Once you try Leigh Leaf matcha organic green tea, it will become your favorite brand. 

Our tea has mellow grassy notes, a foamy texture, and a natural sweet nuttiness with a savory finish that will leave you feeling pleasant. This matcha blend is sure to make your taste buds dance. 

You can enjoy a premium matcha experience at a very affordable price if you purchase organic matcha powder. It is harvested and grown in pristine conditions, and it is the epitome of sustainability and purity. 

Head to our products section and add your Leigh Leaf organic green tea matcha powder to your bag. You do not want to miss out on this authentic Japanese tea experience.

FAQs About Organic Matcha Tea

Should Matcha Be Organic?

Not many people know this, but a few reports state that a few non-organic products are free of impurities such as chemicals and pesticides and are nutritious and safe to consume, just as much as the organic ones are. However, there is little research on non-organic and organic matcha powder, so it is hard to tell if this holds for Japanese tea as well. However, it is always ideal to go for organic tea, as it is a better consumption option.

What Is the Difference Between Organic and Authentic Matcha Powder?

The differences between organic and non-organic matcha powder are numerous. The organic one is easier to consume, has an earthy and natural taste, and has a strong aroma that will directly transport you to the Japanese tea fields. At the same time, the non-organic one tastes different for different people and also smells artificial. The colors of both teas are different as well. The non-organic one is lighter and more chalky, while the organic one has a darker shade, is more authentic, and will give you the authentic experience of having this traditional Japanese tea and feeling like you are part of the culture. Organic tea is very close to the tea that was available traditionally in Japan. The non-organic version is a bit processed in its looks and taste.

Pros and Cons of Organic Matcha Green Tea

The only con about matcha is that once you have it, you will keep wanting to have it, and all other beverages will probably not compare to it. The pros outweigh this one con, which is why you will feel drawn to trying it out. The organic matcha powder has a beautiful earthy taste that will instantly make you feel connected to Mother Earth. It has a robust and earthy aroma as well, which will rejuvenate your senses. The matcha tea is refreshing and pleasant to the taste buds. In addition to being authentic, it gives you a sense of being a part of Japanese culture. This tea is sure to become your favorite as soon as you try it.

How Healthy Is Organic Matcha Tea?

Yes, like all organic foods, matcha tea is also healthy. To learn more about the health benefits of this tea, please consult with your doctor or nutritionist. The organic version of the Japanese tea has a vibrant green color and an earthy taste. It is free of chemicals and pesticides, which automatically makes it a healthier alternative to its non-organic counterpart, and this is also why it gives you the most authentic taste. 

Does Matcha Tea Powder Contain Fertilizers?

Well, it depends on what matcha you are referring to. If it is the non-organic one, then yes, the plants they are made from do contain fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals. But if you are referring to organic tea, then no, it is free from pesticides, chemicals and harmful fertilizers. Every plant needs fertilizer to grow and produce a rich product. In organic foods, the fertilizers for their plants, if any, are biodegradable and not harmful to the environment or the humans who will consume them. Hence, organic tea is a healthier alternative because it is free of all toxic substances.

Does Organic Matcha Have a Higher Nutritional Value?

Matcha, whether organic or non-organic, is the same product. What differs are the conditions in which it is harvested and cultivated. The non-organic ones make use of chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers, while the organic ones do not. Organic tea is, hence, a more nutritional alternative to its non-organic counterpart because it is free of substances such as harmful fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides that can denigrate its nutritional value and change its composition.

Where Does the Best Matcha Powder Come From?

Japan has the best tea fields for matcha. The organic matcha powder is authentic to Japanese culture, which is why you will not just receive the best tea from the country but also the best brewing equipment and techniques. Matcha is a vibrant green tea that is quite different from the green tea that you usually drink. It is a bit heavier and has a different brewing technique, and its most authentic form can be found only in Japan. Leigh Leaf will give you the best, most authentic Japanese team. You can look at our matcha products on our website. The Premium tea is competitively priced, and if you opt for a subscription, then it also costs less.  

What is the Best-Quality Matcha Powder?

The best-quality matcha has a healthy, earthy aroma that will entice the room you are in. It has a sweet, refreshing taste with savory notes. The more vibrant the green of the matcha, the more authentic it is. The best-quality matcha will transport you back to the olden days of Japan, where the tea was initially served. You will feel like you are in Japan and part of the Japanese culture. Leigh Leaf will give you the same feeling. Go ahead and order your matcha from our website to see why we are talking about the best-quality Japanese tea!

What Does Matcha Do for Your Body?

If you have had a long, tiring day or you know you are going to have one, drinking matcha will give you a refreshing, earthy taste and instantly brighten your mood. The tea feels rejuvenating and light, and it helps you feel like you are a part of Japanese culture. Consult a doctor or nutritionist for more information about matcha's health and nutritional benefits. We at Leigh Leaf will deliver the most vibrant, organic and authentic matcha to your doorstep to give you a premium, luxurious matcha experience.