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About the founder

Elizabeth Leigh Mandelbaum

Elizabeth, a cookbook author, has spent a decade uncovering the secrets of “Wellness Through Food”. This concept, which she developed after years of personal struggles with health issues and a fruitless search for a cure through western medicine, has become her life's mission.

With a passion for natural remedies, Elizabeth embarked on a wellness journey, immersing herself in the study of different foods and their health benefits. She spent countless hours researching the power of natural nutrients and figuring out how to heal the body through wholesome, organic foods. Her dedication paid off, and she soon discovered the incredible benefits of matcha - a finely ground green tea powder that is loaded with antioxidants and other health-boosting properties.

As a devout coffee drinker for 12 years, Elizabeth was hesitant to give matcha a try. But the moment she took her first sip, she was hooked. The changes it made for her were nothing short of magical. She felt more energized, alert, and focused than ever before. She couldn't get enough of it!

But despite her newfound love for matcha, Elizabeth quickly realized that not all matcha was created equal. She scoured the market for the tastiest, and most premium nutrition packed matcha, finding out that each brand came with its set of pros and cons.

Elizabeth's followers have been inundating her with one burning question: with so many choices out there, which brand of matcha should they buy? Determined to offer the ultimate matcha experience, Elizabeth poured all her passion and attention to detail into finding the perfect blend. She went straight to the source, sourcing only the highest-quality, organic green tea leaves from Japan to ensure a flavor that was not just rich and smooth, but also deeply satisfying. Her unwavering dedication to purity and wholesomeness meant that her matcha had to be free from any harmful additives, making it the perfect choice for health-conscious individuals seeking a clean, natural boost of energy.

With Leigh Leaf Organic Ceremonial-Grade Matcha, Elizabeth has created a matcha experience that stands out from the sea of options available. It’s perfect foamy texture, mellow vegetal grassy notes, natural sweet nuttiness, a touch of bitterness, and pleasant savory ending offer a unique and delightful taste experience. Her unwavering commitment to purity and quality sets her matcha apart, making it the clear choice for discerning individuals seeking the ultimate natural boost of energy and wellness. With Leigh Leaf Matcha, there's no need to sift through countless brands - the answer is crystal clear.

Elizabeth's passion for wellness and her commitment to excellence have made Leigh Leaf Organic Matcha a true standout in the market. It has quickly become a go-to choice for health enthusiasts and foodies alike, who can't get enough of its delicious taste and potent health benefits. Elizabeth's journey from struggling with health issues to becoming a trailblazer in the wellness industry is a true testament to the power of food as medicine, and an inspiration to us all.


How Premium Matcha is made 

The allure of Japanese Matcha Tea is undeniable, and it's no wonder it has been treasured for centuries. The secret to its rich flavor and dark green color lies in its production process, which is steeped in tradition and requires the utmost care and attention to detail. The highest quality ceremonial-grade matcha is only able to be grow and harvested once a year during the first harvest.

This first harvest of the year takes place in spring and yields the highest quality green tea, which is reserved for the finest ceremonial grade matcha. The new unfurled leaves and buds provide a delicate flavor that is best enjoyed without any added sweeteners or milk. To cultivate these leaves, the young tea plant shoots are grown under shade for 3-4. This shading process promotes the growth of tender leaves with a higher concentration of amino acids and chlorophyll, the components that give matcha its unique flavor and color. The shade growing process is crucial in developing the unique flavor profile of ceremonial grade matcha, which is smooth, sweet, and not bitter.

The second harvest, processed in the summer, results in a more robust and astringent flavor of green tea. Due to the extra months of growth and exposure to sunlight, the naturally occurring tannins in the tea leaves increase in number, contributing to the piquant, bitter flavor. While this harvest can still be used for matcha, it is typically too astringent to be enjoyed as plain drinking tea and is recommended for culinary use.

The third and fourth harvests result in even more bitter teas due to broader leaf growth and even more sun exposure. For this reason, these harvests cannot be used for matcha, and are instead used for tea bags and roasted varieties of tea, such as genmaicha or toasty kukicha.

Leigh Leaf Organic Matcha carefully selects only the highest quality first-harvest tea leaves to create our ceremonial grade matcha. Our matcha is crafted with the utmost care to preserve its delicate flavor and health benefits, ensuring a premium experience with every sip.

The tea starts with the finest quality whole tea leaves, which are carefully harvested from young tea plant shoots grown under shade for 3-4 weeks before they are harvested. This shading process promotes the growth of tender leaves with a higher concentration of amino acids and chlorophyll, the components that give matcha its unique flavor and color.

After harvesting, the stems and veins are meticulously removed, leaving only the delicate and tender leaf called Tencha. This Tencha is then ground into a fine powder using traditional stone mills or modern bread mills. This fine powder is what makes Japanese Organic Matcha Tea stand out, as it is the only tea that is consumed in its entirety, with all its natural nutrients intact.

The grinding process is done slowly and carefully to ensure that the tea retains its natural flavors and aromas. This also helps to preserve the tea's rich green color, which is a result of the high concentration of chlorophyll in the leaves. And not only is Japanese Organic Matcha Tea a treat for the taste buds, but it's also a powerhouse of nutrients that can provide numerous health benefits.

Overall, Japanese Organic Matcha Tea is a tea of exceptional quality and flavor, made with utmost care and steeped in tradition. It's no wonder it has been treasured for centuries and continues to be a favorite among tea lovers and health enthusiasts alike.


Health Benefits 

Matcha holds a treasure trove of health benefits within its emerald depths, encompassing the mind, body, and overall well-being. One of the critical pillars of matcha's potency lies in its high antioxidant content. With up to 137 times more catechins than other green teas, matcha is a powerful defender against harmful free radicals that can wreak havoc on our cells and lead to chronic diseases. By incorporating matcha into our daily routine, we equip our bodies with a formidable tool to combat oxidative stress and inflammation, fortifying our systems and promoting vitality from within.

Beyond its remarkable antioxidant properties, matcha offers many health advantages that make it a true elixir of wellness. One of the standout benefits is its ability to promote relaxation and reduce stress. The unique combination of L-theanine and caffeine in matcha creates a state of calm alertness, elevating our focus and mental clarity without the jitters associated with coffee consumption. This tranquility in the face of daily challenges enhances productivity and fosters overall well-being, as stress significantly contributes to a range of health issues. By replacing our morning coffee with matcha, we embark on a journey of sustained energy, heightened awareness, and long-term health benefits.

Moreover, matcha boasts an impressive nutritional profile, making it a powerhouse of essential vitamins and minerals. Packed with vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, matcha provides a comprehensive array of nutrients that nourish our bodies on a cellular level. Vitamin C, renowned for its immune-boosting properties, fortifies our defenses and promotes healthy, vibrant skin. Vitamin A supports vision health and the maintenance of skin integrity, while Vitamin K contributes to proper blood clotting and bone health. Vitamin E, a potent antioxidant, safeguards our cells from oxidative damage, reducing the signs of aging and promoting overall cellular health. Additionally, matcha contains B vitamins that are pivotal in energy metabolism, brain function, and maintaining a healthy nervous system. By embracing matcha as part of our diet, we tap into a wellspring of nourishment that revitalizes our bodies and enhances our vitality.

In addition to its rich vitamin profile, matcha is a valuable ally in detoxification and cleansing. Its high fiber content aids digestion and promotes regular bowel movements, facilitating the elimination of waste and toxins from the body. Matcha's chlorophyll content is a natural detoxifying agent, removing harmful heavy metals and toxins from the bloodstream. This gentle yet effective detoxification process leaves us feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and cleansed from within.

Furthermore, matcha exhibits exceptional anti-aging properties. Its concentrated antioxidants prevent moisture oxidation within the body, effectively reducing the signs of aging and preventing the formation of wrinkles. Optimal moisture balance, both internally and externally, is crucial for anti-aging. Matcha's antioxidants combat free radicals and reduce oxidative stress, preserving the integrity of moisture within the body and promoting healthy, age-defying skin. By incorporating matcha into our skincare routine, we unlock the transformative effects of a youthful glow that radiates from the inside out.

Beyond its skincare benefits, matcha supports a healthy cardiovascular system. The catechins present in matcha have been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by supporting healthy blood pressure levels, enhancing heart function, and promoting optimal blood flow. Additionally, matcha has a positive effect on cholesterol levels, lowering LDL cholesterol (the "bad" cholesterol) while increasing HDL cholesterol (the "good" cholesterol), thereby maintaining a healthy lipid profile and reducing the risk of heart disease.

Matcha's advantages extend to weight management as well. By boosting metabolism and aiding in fat oxidation, matcha can assist in maintaining healthy body weight and composition. Its unique compound, called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), stimulates thermogenesis, the process by which our bodies generate heat and burn calories. Incorporating matcha into a balanced diet and exercise routine can provide an extra edge in achieving weight management goals.

Furthermore, matcha strengthens the immune system with its powerful antioxidants, including catechins and Vitamin C, which neutralize free radicals and enhance immune response, reducing the susceptibility to common illnesses and infections. Its anti-inflammatory properties, attributed to EGCG, help mitigate inflammation in the body, promoting overall well-being and protecting against various diseases.

In conclusion, matcha is a true powerhouse of wellness, offering myriad health benefits that harmoniously unite the mind, body, and spirit. From its high antioxidant content to its ability to promote relaxation, support detoxification, combat aging, aid weight management, and boost immunity, matcha is a great elixir that transcends mere sustenance. By embracing matcha as part of a balanced lifestyle, we embark on a journey of vitality, longevity, and holistic well-being. Let us unlock the extraordinary power of matcha and savor the transformation it brings to our lives.